Holing out the ball generates an alteration in the mental system. This can be rather stimulating or something that chokes the player down, especially when the coach tells the player to be calm. Your goal in the game must be to maintain stability in a planned mental system, beyond the results.

The result is overwhelming for everyone: the spectators, the sports journalists, the board, the technical team, and also ends up sweeping over the players. Few can resist the temptation not to be crushed by the result; like the song of the sirens is nothing compared to the enchantment of the results. The temptation of the result is a hook, a trap. It gets everyone tense and t frustrated. The result can lock yourself up and trigger a negative cycle.

Pressure arises form the result and not by the attempt. The focus on the attempt, validate the subjective. This way it leads to the perception that the error is not real, while not giving to the error the slightest importance.