Your mental game system should not have more than two or at most three basic and clear rules.

A result is a short-term fact, building game is medium-term fact and molding a player into high-performance sportsman is a long-term one.

There are goods results achieved by chance, but a stable result from a consistent and non-volatile player has to be built consciously.

Each game is a result of the summation of each game unit. The smallest game’s unit is the shot, not the hole nor game or tournament. Therefore, the smallest game’s unit is the most powerful aspect of the game.

Every single shot must be thought of as an individual game itself. It is extremely important not to get stuck on it. A shot is a specific experience, with a respective beginning and end.

The secret is to focus on the game units. The most important things occur within the smallest moments. Shot by shot. The shot is far my important than the whole, the tournament or career

Living the shot singularity demands to manage the temporal context. It requires the ability to star over and over again. This way the pressure of each shot is removed

Building the mental game system implies changing paradigms. This is only possible at a great cost. At first, when trying to improve the swing, the performance will be poor until the new abilities are acquired.

Moving from the paradigm of worry, anger, frustration, results focusing or suffering to the one focus on confidence and enjoyment also has a cost in performance.