People who do not understand sports psychology are used to think that confidence undoubtedly comes from the results when it’s exactly the other way around.

The confidence is a conviction that means the attempt of going on the attack is worth it even if it fails. Confidence is the result of some certainty about the future. It is the sincere conviction of a positive and not avoidable image of the future. The ability to generate these images and to sustain them over time makes them natural and perceived as simple and easy to make.

Confidence is not about being right or not; it is mainly about constructing, is a task. Confidence is a muscle that holds a performance. The golfer must be a real protagonist, confident, inspired and connected. He has to be able to take the leading role in the competition and training sessions. Being protagonist also means being responsible for the victories and defeats. The player is the one who is exposed and assumes the possibility of significant loss or wins. If you lose you’re not bad, you’re real. The player has to find the connection between causes and consequences of the results.

Confidence is a multiplying factor of the performance and leads the players to develop their most natural way. From the confidence arises the enthusiasm, which is its emotional manifestation and is translated into lucidity and desire.

Confidence and enthusiasm allow the player to reach their maximum level of lucidity. A lucid player is free to exploit his capabilities and take advantage of the opportunities in the best way.  But when a player chickens out, these opportunities are wasted.

The confidence lives in the intimacy of the player. Therefore it is not demonstrated, it does not exist to the outside. It is felt and lived, and the results can be observed through its consequences

The positive self-encouragement is the ability to encourage and inspire your enthusiasm. By working up with self-encouragement before and after each action, regardless of the outcome, confidence is built. Self-encouragement even when the results are bad it is not the resignation’s outcome or conformism, but the recognition of the achievement in every attempt.

Trusting implies the ability to focus on the image that we pretend to have, feeling it. Sustaining the feeling that the ball is going to go where we want and not being scared of making mistakes means confidence. Keeping believes in oneself after a bad result means that wholly resolved its mental aspect because it shows that values more the intensity and conviction of its attempts than the result.

You can solve the lack of confidence by denying the fear, but it is a rigid or closed way, not a sustainable one. The state of calmness work the fear of losing out by admitting defeat is not the best way; it is a negative calmness.

It is often thought that it is crucial to start winning, or you expect that making a goal is going to develop the confidence to build a better game. But it’s the other way around; the result just shows the real state of mind before the play.

Primary relationships limitations cause failures in the psychological development that affect the confidence, and clinical work should be done to solve these problems. If the damage is too severe, this complex of not being recognized may last forever, but it is possible to work on it and neutralize it, although it will always exist as a threat.

Confidence is a paradigm, which generates passionate players who are willing to accept the help of others. It occurs within the framework of enjoyment and relaxation, sustaining the concentration required for optimal performance.

The trust mass is one and distributed among the clubs. If the confidence went to the drive, left the iron; if left the iron and the drive went to the putter. At the pace that the problems are distributed, confidence also. Confidence has to grow proportionally and distributed in all shots if it rises in one and falls in another, and the mind cannot be stable because when the club interlace, confidence goes up and down permanently.

Each one has their north in the game, for some, it is the result, for others the process, and for others the adrenaline of giving everything on the pitch. #golf #adrenaline #confidence