Invincible is not the one who can kill, but the one who can die. Winning is a right that only has those who are willing to lose. You are just prepared to win when you are prepared to lose.

An invincible player is not the one who always wins, but the one who is not afraid of losing and finds its maximum satisfaction in giving with all their heart. They can risk everything, including the victory, convinced that what is essential is to be faithful to themselves, to their ability, to their trust, their play system.

The invincible sportsman is willing to give their all and provide their maximum performance finding this way its utmost satisfaction. They know that if is not on this occasion, it will be in the next, but sooner or later they will reach what they are looking for. This kind of sportsman has a mind made out of steel. Therefore they do not focus on immediate gains rather than the consistency that makes them immutable to the adversity

One typical mistake is to believe that they have the willingness to do anything for the result and begin the speeches of this type: “We have to win” or “we can’t lose. This kind of ideas is harmful to the mind that tries to be in high performance.

What it is crucial is the process of overcoming, not the despair of reaching the goal or the result. Overcoming does not mean that if you don’t mind losing, you lose interest in winning. You just do not feel the burden the voltage, the requirement and the pressure to win This way, all the capabilities of the players are improved.

Nothing could ensure your victory; not even if you have a large volume of play or if you are an elite golfer. Neither you have a superior natural condition nor you are younger. No matter if you leave everything to win and you die of desire to so