Golfers say the mind is the most important thing, but at the same time, they live as if the mind uncontrollable entity, like if it was a casino or a lottery. If the mind is the key, there is no other call to make but to solve the mental aspect Instead of developing the mental game, the player tries to control it, blocking it. If the mental feature is denied, it is dangerous because it is in the hands of random. Even when the mental aspect is denied, the corporal attitude discloses the mental state. For example by the way of walking: When someone is feeling insecure, he could communicate by walking dejectedly. Otherwise, when feeling confident, it could be demonstrate walking upright.

The player handles the mental with their intuition the system they built in their intimacy.

That the mental aspect cannot be measured or understood, nevertheless it should not be confused with random. This way the sports psychologist would become just an amulet, instead of a professional.

You can not see the mind as something that has to be given. You have to go and look for it, attack it, conquer it. It should be something that you can grasp and manage at your will.

At a certain level, the key for an outstanding game is not the technique; it is to play with the mind, the heart, and the head. The details of the technique are less than the features of the mental.

Some people believe that the only thing that matter is the technique, denying or leaving the mental aspect behind because it is unmanageable. This way, the performance can only be solved by improving the swing. But in order to get a good swing, the correct timing is crucial. The last one can only be acquired by working on the mental aspect.

The technique has to be a resource of the mental, not the other way around. The mental impacts on the movement; this on the technique; this one on the club and from there the shot comes out. The technique goes from the player to the objective; the mental goes from the objective to the player. The golfer focused on technique and who denies the mental, must be led to see the psychological as a technician; that is, to be a technician of the mental.

If you can not manage to get into your own world and build a paradigm beyond the result and the context, then everything becomes anguishing, tedious and boring.

Technique, game volume or mind are needed for playing golf. If one is missing, it must be compensated with the others. Also, the heart and the head are at stake. And the typical thing is to confuse heart with head, with the mental.